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Our Acting Training

At Stage Right Studios, we offer classes in everything from Scene Study, Character Building, Monologue Work, and auditioning, both on-camera and for the theater. Click here to select the class that's right for you! 

Our workshops offer everything from Master Classes by working, industry professionals, comprehensive courses on Shakespeare and Improv, seminars on navigating the industry, and so much more! Workshops will be posted once they become available, and you can register right here on the site!

Do you have an audition to prepare for? Looking for vocal coaching? Or, maybe you just want to consistently sharpen the skills in your "actor's toolbox" (ie, script analysis, scene study, discovering & creating a character). Our Private Coaching option is right for you. Sign up, here!


Stage Right Studios

Welcome to Stage Right Studios! Here, we believe that every artist has the potential to bring their unique talent to the stage and screen, and we are passionate about helping performers of all ages achieve their goals in the entertainment industry. Our mission is to work with artists of all levels to develop their skills, build confidence, and prepare them for auditions and performances. Additionally, we strive to create a supportive and collaborative environment where artists can thrive and reach their full potential. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we believe that every student has a unique voice and perspective, and we strive to help each individual find their own artistic identity.


Thank you for considering SRS as your partner in your acting and performance journey!

Meet Your Instructor!

Leah Williams

Best known fir her standout role as Sister Mary on Issa Rae's 'Awkward Black Girl', and as creator and star of 'SEXLESS' for BET+, Leah Williams is an actor, writer, teacher and self-professed forever-learner, deeply in love with all things "acting". In her many years growing in her craft , she has been fortunate to acquire a wealth of knowledge and skills that she is eager to pass on to any young (or adult) person willing to learn. More than that, she wants to to show others how acting can unlock the doors to confidence, freedom of self-expression, personal healing and even professional success. Additionally, if you just want to explore a hobby you've always been curious about but were too afraid to try, there's room for you, too.


Leah teaches and is trained in the Meisner Technique. She holds a BA in Acting from Point Park University's Conservatory of Performing Arts.

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